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fileshack allows you to create your own simple, hosted web file storage

Fileshack is an open source web application for hosting a web file storage, focusing on providing a repository for exchanging documents in groups of small number of people. It has a simple interface and an open permission model, anyone who knows the access code can download, upload and delete files, or opt-in to receive notifications.

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Drag and drop. Files can be uploaded by dropping them into a box. If that is not convenient, a traditional upload dialog can be opened by clicking the box.

Chunk upload. Files are uploaded by chunks, so that when a transfer is interrupted, it can be resumed. Files of GB's in size can be uploaded.

Repository watching. If you want to be notified of new uploads, you can register an e-mail address where notifications are sent.

HTML5. Fileshack leverages many features of HTML5 such as File API, Drag & Drop and CSS3. However, it is backward-compatible with browsers which do not support these features.

Django. Fileshack uses the python development framework django. This means it can be integrated with existing django applications, and easily extended.

MIT license. Fileshack is open source, distributed under a license which allows you to modify and redistribute its content, or combine with commercial software.